ack in the days of the 1600s, Salem was a prospering religious town. As the years passed, and as the settlement grew and developed, whispers started to gather about the mysterious land that surrounded them. Many believed that the land was cursed, and grew fearful of the oddities and strange events that took place. However, a small group of settlers knew that the land was in fact simply enchanted, and grew curious of it's powers. Every night, they gathered in the woods to study and observe this natural magic. The settlers noticed that the wood of the trees was especially powerful, and one settler in particular started to take the wood home with him to study it even further. His name was Benefort Wynott. One night during his studies, when he had carved down the wood, he had noticed that he was able to wield the wood's powers. He shared his miraculous discovery with his companions, and started to make wands with the wood from the enchanted Salem woods. One afternoon, one of the companions was too tired to make her family dinner, so she decided when her family was out farming on the fields, she would use her wand to cut up some of the potatoes. However, when her children darted into the kitchen for water, they had discovered her and the wand's magic.  Word quickly spread through the old Salem village with talk of black magic and dark arts, and soon, Benefort and his companions were in terrible danger. One night, they had all come together in the enchanted woods where they were all able to escape the villagers' wrath. In fear of their lives, they drew together their wands and asked for help from the land that had blessed them with these magical powers. The land began to rumble, and from behind them, a door started to take shape in the largest tree in the forest. They heard the chantings and screams from the angry mob of settlers coming their way, so they decided to go through the door. The passage had led them to a giant a large hall, with ruins engraved into the stonework and candles that warmly lit every corner.  A large table ran through the middle of the room, with a large feast that comprised of delicacies that the settlers had only dreamed about. They knew that they were safely hidden within the walls that the forest had made for them, but they also knew that they would have to live out the rest of their years in hiding. When it was safe, the companions would return to the village, and would ask their families to return to the magical hall with them. Most of the family members had no intention of going back with them, and wrote them off as lunatics and devil worshipers. However some family members, mostly children returned to the hall, where the group of companions taught them about the magic that had saved them. As the years passed, the company grew more powerful and started to add more rooms surrounding the hall so they could properly teach the new witches and wizards that came to them. The Salem Witch Institute was soon established, and is now considered one of the highest ranking wizard schools today. Benefort continued to make wands, and his workshop, Wynott's Wands, is still open for business today. Most of the wizard world still considers Wynott's Wands to be the makers of the most powerful and valuable wands. They say that the secret location of The Salem Witch Institute and Crown and Shield Hall is in close proximity to the location of Benefort's old wand workshop. The head of The Salem Witch Insititute is Benefort Wynott's heir Walter Wodsworth Wynott, who is considered one of the most magical wizard in the  world today. 
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Crown And Shield Hall a History
Benefort Wynott
The Tree